Do You Really Want To Network on

As a recruiter I regularly conduct searches on  Often times the results come up with several hundred matches for talented individuals – both employed and not who have the qualifications for a position I am seeking to fill.  I then send an email to the person explaining who I am and that I know of a job in ABC industry for XYZ Company.  If they’d like to hear about more about the job – either for them or someone they know I provide my email address and my profile page for review to ensure my credibility.

Most profiles say that they are interested in being contacted for career opportunities or job inquiries.  You’ve set up your User Network Settings to show up on your profile page to read: 

Interested In

  • consulting offers
  • new ventures
  • expertise requests
  • business deals
  • reference requests
  • getting back in touch

 Really?  Then why is it you don’t provide a way on your profile page to contact you?

How many of you have used a work email address when you set up your Linkedin account to then be laid off?  Come on, the unemployment rate in the United States is higher than it has been in 26 years (  If this didn’t happen to you then you know someone who it has.  I know, I know, I’ve heard it all before…There is not enough time in the day, too much to do and you are tired of being inundated with spam email. Did you realize that you were also blocking your next possible career move?

In deciding how other LinkedIn users may contact you, take care not to exclude contacts inadvertently that you might find professionally valuable.  Did you know that your profile came up in my search results but I didn’t have a way to contact you?

There is no easier way to keep up with your contact list than a profile.  So when you change your home email provider or switch jobs and/or companies, you still have full access to the people you have met along the way.  Whether it was someone you worked with in the beginning of your career, your neighbor’s friend, or a casual conversation at a sporting event, you never thought this person could add any value.  This contact may be the one to introduce you the job of your dreams years from now.  No matter where you live or work, or how many times you change email addresses or phone numbers over the years you can keep your profile up to date in one easy and convenient place.  There is no shooting out mass emails to notify your contacts of your change.  So spend 10 minutes a week adding contacts to your profile.  And if you don’t have a personal email, set up a free account through hotmail, yahoo, or google (gmail).     

But please…add a way to contact you on your profile.



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2 responses to “Do You Really Want To Network on

  1. Karin

    Thanks for the great article. I hope job seekers take a look at this and change their settings accordingly. When I search for potential candidates on LinkedIn more often that not, there is not contact information. And lately I have wanted to contact reach out to group memebers, and they have chosen to not allow group members contact them.

  2. Janice Baynai

    Thanks for the helpful tips!

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